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Designing for multiple devices – GA, New York 08 Oct 2012

See on – learning in work Slides from my class on October 8th 2012 at General Assembly in New York about designing for multiple devices. ABSTRACT The rise in mobiles and tablets have c See on Advertisements

Open badges : a future for informal learning? – The Learning, Skills and Employment Network

See on – learning in work The Learning, Skills and Employment Network provides a single point of contact for all Third Sector learning, skills and employment training providers across Manchester. Building capacity and promoting partnership. See on

HTML5 Vs. Native Mobile Apps: Myths and Misconceptions – Forbes

See on – learning in work Guest post written by Aidan Quilligan Aidan Quilligan is managing director of Accenture Mobility. See on

Apple’s Q1 confirms obvious: iPad eats away at Mac sales | ZDNet

See on – learning in work For all the talk about the post PC era and how Microsoft machines are losing out to tablets and Apple’s iPad, there’s some Mac collateral damage too. Amit Garg‘s insight: Post PC world is well and truly here See on

Internet Time Blog : Peeragogy

See on – learning in work Amit Garg‘s insight: wonderful resource See on

Seven potential downsides from using responsive design

See on – learning in work Responsive design is just one of a number of options available for businesses currently devising a mobile strategy, however it is seen by many to be the only sensible long-term option. See on

Nasty Client Website Lets Businesses Review Customers

See on – learning in work A former landscape company owner created Nasty Client, a rating and review website that lets businesses file reports against its customers. See on