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8 Brilliant Concepts For The Future Of Wearable Tech

See on – learning in work Wearables are taking over. Whether it’s the Jawbone Up or an Apple iWatch, gadgets that live on our bodies will give rise to a level of data about ourselves and our environments that we’ve never had before. See on Advertisements

Mobile growth is about to be staggering – Fortune Tech

See on – learning in work It’s the biggest shift in technology since the advent of the Internet, and mobile is still only just beginning. See on

What Students And Parents Think About Mobile Technology – Edudemic

See on – learning in work It’s hard to gauge how students and parents feel about any one topic. When it comes to the influx of mobile technology, the question is even harder. See on

Teaching kids to program using Scratch and the Kinect – Stephen Howell [YouTube] | Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog

See on – learning in work See on

Start-up of You, Visual Summary

See on – learning in work In commemoration of a year in print, we present the Startup of You in visual summary. The last year has continued to demonstrate how work and careers need a ne See on

One Force app lets first responders collaborate — GCN

See on – learning in work Raytheon releases a suite of tools for smart phones and other devices that combines voice communications, maps, GPS tracking and image and video sharing. See on

Gartner Says by 2016, More Than 50 Percent of Mobile Apps Deployed Will be Hybrid

See on – learning in work With enterprises under extreme pressure from management and employees to develop and deploy mobile applications to accommodate mobile work styles and increase customer engagement, Gartner, Inc. See on